Technology for Future Concepts

Achenbach Asia Pacific is your partner for services in the Asia Pacific region and specialist for the manufacturing of certain auxiliary equipment.

What makes the difference

Achenbach represents itself in the market with three core messages towards its customers. This self-image also characterizes Achenbach Asia Pacific as a sister company.


We are specialists in the complex technology of rolling and slitting. We implement our customers wishes with the dedication to every single detail, with high knowledge and experience and our high demand on perfection. Continuous, innovative development work is the basis for that.


Our wide range of services includes the components business, system integration and life cycle support. Our strategic approach is to offer 'everything from a single source'. The combination of product and process know-how, the perfect interaction and optimum design of all components form the key to this extensive approach.


Long-term relationships are the basis for a trusting cooperation. Throughout the whole lifetime of each machine, we are a reliable partner assisting our customers in a continuous process and offering a wide range of services at any point of time.

“To make changes for the better. To be one step ahead.
For products that serve a wider purpose and machines that can make this possible.
Machines that last generations and are built for a green, lean, and digital future.”

Contact us directly. Our team is available for you.

To move forward in a modern economy, we need to step up the speed together.