Service agreements

Achenbach identifies itself as a partner with its customers. Trusted contact persons are there to assist them by professional services during the entire operating time of the machinery. Achenbach stays true to its service philosophy with the following options, which can be combined matching our customers’ requirements ideally:

  • Time account for on-call expert support

    Get a certain number of on-call service hours for a reasonable price. Every customer receives a time account, from which in-house services from Achenbach are debited as they are used. This program offers quick billing with minimum paperwork and favorable terms.
  • Regular service and support

    In conjunction with the time account for on-call expert support, Achenbach offers regular service agreements to ensure consistently high performance and a long operating life for the machinery.
  • First aid service calls

    Achenbach has qualified staff available to respond to individual first-aid service requests from customers. Services range from general on-site evaluations to detailed inspections of specific areas of the installation. Qualified analyses and evaluation reports including recommendations are provided at the end.