Increasing machinery performance by upgrade measures

The upgrade service is combined with a professional spare parts service to ensure the supply of necessary parts and, if desired, to provide recommendations for intelligent stocking of critical spare parts.

Measures aimed at increasing system performance range from automation technology upgrades to mechanical retrofitting of components.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Upgrade of systems and components

Upgrade project examples

Achenbach OPTIROLL® upgrade on an Achenbach Foil Roughing Mill

Remarkable productivity increases could be achieved after upgrading from Achenbach OPTIROLL® Intraplant to the latest generation of Optiroll: Optiroll i3. It includes advanced controllers for optimum strip flatness and strip thickness results, running on a reliable and high-speed PLC system platform. At the same time, this service order comprised the installation of the new Achenbach WinSpray® S system: All nozzles are directly electrically controlled and the coolant distribution layout matches completely with the requirements of an up-to-date flatness control. As a result of this on Optiroll Intraplant -site service better strip qualities were achieved. As a consequence higher rolling speeds were made possible which led to the desired increase in productivity.