Achenbach Buschhutten

Achenbach is a family-owned and family-run enterprise which can look back on more than 560 years of history. Founded in 1452 as a hammer mill, it became a foundry in 1846 before rolling mill building began in 1888. Today, Achenbach is a strong brand in the market for non-ferrous rolling mills and is the world market leader for foil rolling mills, rolling mill automation, rolling oil microfiltration systems and fume exhaust air purification systems. It is also known worldwide for its Achenbach OPTIFOIL® brand for slitting machinery especially separators, doublers and slitters for non-ferrous metals and converting materials.

Achenbach OPTIROLL® Automation systems


Achenbach delivers three core messages to its customers:

We are the Specialists 
We are Leaders in technology and quality   
We are your Partner

Its mission Technology for Future Concepts’ reflects the Achenbach standard: Achenbach has the technological know-how to transfer its customers' ideas concerning first-class rolling and slitting products into most-modern and tailor-made machinery. It is always both, path and destination.

Corporate values

Family business by conviction

After 400 years under collective ownership, Achenbach became a 100% family owned and operated business when the Achenbach brothers acquired the hammer mill in 1846. Today, the company is in the 7th and 8th generation of family ownership and management.

Sustainability by commitment

New Achenbach machinery creates jobs, while the modernization of old machinery secures jobs and improves working conditions. Already many years ago Achenbach made improving the energy and resource efficiency of its rolling mills and foil slitting machines a focus of its R&D work. Besides and parallel to the arising ideas of environmental protection in the 70s Achenbach began comparatively early with developing and building rolling mill filtration and exhaust air purification systems.

Innovation by passion

“With our uncompromising commitment to premium quality, a strong culture of innovation and passion, we have become the world market leader in strategic product fields. The key thereby is maintaining the balance between proven engineering and the courage to continue developing technologically more sophisticated solutions.” (Axel Barten, CEO of Achenbach)

Corporate culture by tradition

As in a family, the staff at Achenbach are not only valued as performers of essential functions, they are respected as people. This ‘culture of interaction’ is evident in the many initiatives launched by the staff and in the popularity of employee events.


Every company history starts and further develops with the inspiration of a visionary idea. When this idea is combined with the courage to make decisions, the future becomes possible. Considering the long history of Achenbach, it becomes obvious that the company management always made the right decision to secure the entrepreneurial future. In retrospect, these decisions were keys in ensuring the firm's evolution into the Achenbach of today – an owner-managed global high-tech machinery and engineering company. 


  • 1452
    Buschhutter hammer mill
  • 1846 
    Iron foundry
  • 1888
    First iron plate rolling mill
  • 1911
    First aluminum plate rolling mill
  • 1950
    Specialization in non-ferrous metals
  • 1970 
    Achenbach OPTIPURE® Media systems
  • 1980
    Achenbach OPTIROLL® Automation systems
  • 2006
    Achenbach OPTIFOIL® Foil slitting machines
  • 2016
    Achenbach OPTILNK® IoT Platform